alzheimer's & memory care

Watercrest Senior Living provides a comprehensive memory care program

specifically designed to engage the senses, expand the mind and enhance the

emotions of our residents. We pride ourselves in staying current with innovative

lifestyle approaches, proven to be successful by years of experience serving

residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.


Our Program includes:


        • Personal Life Silhouettes

        • Multi-Sensory Enhancements

        • Memories in the Making

        • Music and Memory



Personal Life Silhouettes


Watercrest residents will continue to share their story through our Personal

Life Silhouettes program. An individual profile is created about each resident

reminiscing about times of celebration and memorable moments held close

to the heart. Seeing a picture of your perfect bride on your wedding day or

remembering the song that played during your first dance, these memories

are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.



Multi-Sensory Enhancements


Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and hot cinnamon breakfast

rolls magnifies our sensory engagements beyond sight and sound. Watercrest

residents will enjoy a variety of multi-sensory programs incorporating the

senses into mind building exercises. These exercises are incorporated into

everyday life, to stimulate cognitive flexibility.



Memories in the Making® Art program


Memories in the Making®, is a signature art program created by the

Alzheimer’s Association. It allows residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other

dementia to express themselves through art.


        • Improves self-esteem

        • Serves as an outlet for emotions

        • Increases attention span and focus

        • Activates neurons

        • Reduces isolation and provides opportunity to socialize

        • Taps in pockets of memories that still exist

        • Reconnects families


Through the creative process of painting, residents speak to us, offering us

the essence of themselves.



Music and Memory


Research completed at the Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest

Florida has compelling data showing how music enlivens the brain. Music

and Memory Program allows residents to connect with long term emotional

moments from back to the teenage years. Rhythm, pitch and melody are

processed in one part of the brain; and the words of the songs are then

recognized in additional parts. Particular songs can re-create remarkable

moments of life such as the song that was playing during your first kiss.



Health and Fitness


Our residents have access to the nation’s leading fitness program and instructors
who are certified in fitness and kinesiology. Exercise programs may include:


        • Tai Chi

        • Strength Training

        • Yoga

        • Relaxation and Meditation

        • Walking Club



Care and Service


Certified Dementia Specialists


Raising the bar in service delivery through training, our Platinum Standards

require all Memory Care associates to be Certified Dementia Practitioners.

This nationally recognized certification for those serving residents with memory

loss far exceeds traditional care models, improving each resident and family

experience through excellence.



Licensed nurses on-site 24 hours per day 7 days per week


Identifying the importance of safety, residents receive medications from

licensed nurses on site 24 hours daily.



Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) and Designated Care Specialists


Research has shown that continuity of care and daily routine provide comfort

and a sense of security. Valuing each resident as unique and special, we tailor

individualized service plans (ISP) and assign designated care specialists to

provide care. Our well-trained associates are in tune with each resident we

care for and that connection improves quality of life.