fine dining

Dining at Watercrest isn’t what you’d expect from an assisted living community.

In fact, we think you’ll be amazed by our spacious and exquisitely designed

indoor and outdoor dining areas. Share wonderfully prepared meals made from

locally grown, seasonal ingredients prepared by a skilled chef in whites and

graciously served with impeccable attention to detail. Whether you choose to

dine al fresco by the pool, in our wine bistro, or in one of our ever-changing

restaurants, we’ll prepare your favorite foods while creating a culinary

experience that livens your senses.

W Room


Providing choices and keeping things fresh means more than using a variety

of the freshest ingredients. That is why we celebrate local and international
fare not simply by serving different recipes, but also in actually changing the
atmosphere to create the ambiance. Each year, four different restaurant
brands and motifs offer “seasonal” dining experiences. At Watercrest, we
actually change the atmosphere to create the ambiance these restaurants
embody. Each year, four different restaurant brands and motifs offer “themed”
dining experiences. Whether you're enjoying a candlelit fine dining or eating
family style like the good days in little Italy, it is our pleasure to create an
authentic culinary experience.



We are an intimate bistro with a casual, yet decidedly classy feel. Here friends

gather simply to enjoy good company. The relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere

and personalized service inspire enthusiasm among guests who dine together

at our restaurants. We specialize in flatbreads, charcuterie, private label wines,

seasonal beers, coffees and desserts.

The Patio


Poolside and fireside, this al fresco dining experience offers residents lighter

fare while enjoying the coastal living style of our outdoor eatery.

chef's corner